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The Croydon Tramlink System
in Jan 2004

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Free tram rides The Tram Museum workshops The Tramway exhibition hall

The tram was the first vehicle to provide cheap urban transport for the masses and originally arrived in Britain from the U.S.A. in 1860, with over 14000 in operation by the 1920's in Britain alone. The trams decline came after the first World War, when the efficient internal combustion engine gave birth to the modern Bus with its reliability, flexibility and perceived low running costs. Ironically modern versions of the trams are now making a comeback, especially in Croydon near where I live where the new Tramlink system became operational before the Millennium.

At Crich in Derbyshire an old once abandoned quarry has been transformed into Boarding a tramthe Crich Tramway Village, home of the National Tramway Museum. It is packed with exhibits including preserved static trams from many countries, together with a large collection of tram memorabilia and also the Workshop Galleries, where you can watch trams being restored .The Museum is open between February and December and can be found at Crich, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 5DP, also see the official website

Best of all are the unlimited Tram rides. There is an operational tram route which offers rides on many of the tram exhibits. Be a passenger on vintage trams from all over the world. Ride through history as many times as you like, with trams running every few minutes, you can enjoy riding through the period street, beneath the elegant Bowes-Lyon Bridge originally constructed in 1844, and on past spectacular views of the Derwent Valley to the Glory Mine terminus 810 feet above sea level.
Public tram Driving courses are also on offer several weekends each year for those that want to take their interest one step further.

For those requiring refreshment there is a tea Room, the Red Lion Pub and Restaurant and an Ice Cream parlour

This is a visit that should please all the Family both Young and old.
*Link to official site for viewing Visitor Information*
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Tramway Village Plan To view a plan of the Tramway Village click the image on the left.
(Reproduced from the official Tramway leaflet)